There are many relationships that are ending so early into the year. We can now add UEE and Lee Sang Yoon to the list of breakups. UEE's agency has confirmed that the break up occurred because they "naturally drifted apart due to their busy schedules." Geez. I don't wavy to ask this, but what couple is next?

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Huh Gak has released the tracklist for his comeback album, 'Love Letter.' This album will contain six tracks, and it will be released on January 31st.

Mad Clown has released a teaser for his upcoming collaboration track with Bolbbalgan4. The track is titled, "Can't Find My House", and it will be released on February 3rd.

YG Entertainment has revealed that Seungyoon was rushed to the hospital while he was in the middle of filming for "Flower Crew." YG added that he showed signs of a high fever, and he couldn't continue filming. Since then, Seungyoon has left the hospital, and he'll be resting. Get well soon Seungyoon.

INFINITE will be holding a huge fan meet titled, "INFINITE Gathering 3." INFINITE holds this massive fan meet every two years, so it's pretty special. During this fan meet, INFINITE and their Inspirits will form an even closer bond. "INFINITE Gathering 3" will be held at Seoul's Jamsil Indoor Stadium on March 3rd and 4th.

ARMYs have crashed another server. This time, it was the Synnara Record's server. ARMYs rushed to pre-order BTS' 'Wings: You Never Walk Alone' album the instant it was available, and it proved to be too much. I think this is a case of many ARMYs not knowing that they can pre-order this album on various sites? I know of many sites that you can order K-Pop albums from. Not to mention you can also buy them on ebay, and they do count towards Hanteo and Synnara charts sales. I know that there is the pre-order cardboard cut-out that comes with it, but maybe they chose Synarra specifically? Am I missing something? If I am please let me know in the comments section.

Cosmic Girls has released a performance MV for their track, "I Wish." The scenery may look familiar as the girls filmed this MV on Jeju Island. The only difference is, there are no special effects.


Sources close to YG have revealed that One will be making his solo debut this year. The sources added that he is close to completing the filming for his MV, as well as finishing up his tracks in the studio. Although there is no set debut date, they are aiming to debut One before summer. There has been lots of anticipation for his debut, and it looks like that day is almost here. Are you guys excited for his debut?

Zion.T has released the tracklist for his comeback album, 'OO.' This album will contain seven tracks. Beenzino will be featured on "Sorry", while G-Dragon will be featured on "Complex." 'OO' will be released on February 1st.

Block B has released a teaser for their comeback. All the teaser reveals is the date, and the word "Yesterday." Block B will be making their comeback on February 6th.

MAMAMOO have released a teaser for their 2nd version of their "MooMooBong." The new light stick will switch between five LED colors. Moomoos will also be able to use a remote so they can switch between 256 colors. To be able to get your hands on this light stick, you will have to go to MAMAMOO's "Curtain Call" concert on March 3rd-5th. For those not attending this concert, you will have to wait until mid March.

Red Velvet has released a MV teaser for their comeback track, "Rookie." In this teaser we see some puppets directing the girls of Red Velvet. I'm guessing that this MV will tell the story about being a rookie in the industry, but it will add a fun comical feel. I don't know if this is official yet, but their track list seems to have leaked. Red Velvet's comeback album will contain six tracks which are "Rookie", "Little Little", "Happily Ever After", "Talk To Me", "Body Talk", and "Last Love." Red Velvet will be making their comeback on February 1st.

Show Champion

AOA Excuse Me Second Win + Encore @ MBC Music Show Champion

"Show Champion" returned this week with performances by some of your favorite artists. Nominated for first place this week was Big Bang, Akdong Musician, AOA, Seohyun, and Suzy. AOA took home the first place trophy. I loved the celebration at the end. Kim Shin Young was tearing up the stage with AOA. We definitely need more of that! Congratulations AOA! Thank you guys for reading my post. I hope you have a great Wednesday.