SF9 has released a comeback teaser for their 1st mini album, 'Burning Sensation.' SF9 will be making a comeback on February 6th with their title track, "Vroom." 
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Former Rainbow member, Hyunyoung, has signed a contract with Mama Creative. Hyunyoung will not only be able to pursue an acting career, she will also be able to release music. 
YG Entertainment has revealed that Lee Jae Jin has had successful wrist surgery, and he's left the hospital. Lee Jae Jin has been experiencing wrist pain for a while now, but he delayed the operation so he could perform in Sechskies' concert this past December. Let's hope that Lee Jae Jin has a quick, but healthy recovery.
Melody Day has released a MV for their track, "You Seem Busy." This track features BTOB's Ilhoon. This song is dedicated to all of those hard working people during the winter. I haven't heard much of Melody Day, but I really love this song, and I really love their vocals. 
For all of you who were sad that "Running Man" was coming to an end, there is good news. SBS has released a statement saying,
[I]"To respond to the disappointment of fans at the prospect of 'Running Man' ending, both in Korea and overseas, SBS and the 6 members of 'Running Man' have decided to continue the show with the current cast. SBS variety director Nam Seung Yong, who first led the creation of 'Running Man' back in 2010, sat down with each of the members since the beginning of the year for some honest talk. During these discussions, he apologized to the members regarding the controversies that arose with 'Running Man's plans for revamp, and the 6 members have come to an agreement to continue with the program."
"I thank the 'Running Man' members for making a decision which must have been difficult to make, and we will do our best to greet viewers who have loved 'Running Man' for the last 7 years, both in Korea and overseas, with even more entertaining 'Running Man'." The show will continue with Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Jong Kook, Song Ji Hyo, Haha, and Ji Suk Jin. I've seen many fans going back and forth about this decision. Some are happy that the show is coming back. While others want the show to come back, but with more excitement and unpredictability. What are your thoughts? 
BTS' comeback album, 'Wings: You Never Walk Alone', will have two versions. The left version, and the right version. The photobook will contain 120 pages, you will receive one of two posters. If you pre-order the album, you will receive a little cardboard cut-out of one of the members. Lastly, you will receive one of eight photocards. What version(s) will you be getting? I'm anticipating on seeing many comments replying with "both."😂
Cao Lu and Mino will be appearing on an upcoming episode of "Flower Crew." This episode will be very interesting to watch, as both Cao Lu and Jo Se Ho appeared as a couple on "We Got Married." I haven't made mention of this before, but Cao Lu has got to be my secret crush, well she was. Now you guys know. She's just, there's not enough words right now. So yeah, she definitely pulls at my heart strings. 
It was previously reported that Jisoo and Jinyoung had been chosen as the newest MC's for "Inkigayo", but a rep for "Inkigayo" has said that's not true. Although they are in talks with both Jisoo and Jinyoung, nothing has been decided yet. I hope that Jennie can be an MC along with Jisoo. Who do you hope will be the next MC's for "Inkigayo"? 
The first lineup for the 2017 Gaon Music Awards has been released. So far, the list includes TWICE, GFRIEND, MAMAMOO, EXO, Dean, BewhY, SISTAR, Bolbbalgan4, Onew, and Hang Dong Eun. This awards show will be held at the Jamsil Arena on February 22nd.
Zion.T has released another teaser for his comeback track, "OO." Reports have surfaced that G-Dragon will be featured in one of Zion.T's album tracks. I can only hope for this to be true. These two music geniuses must have created some magic in the studio, and I can't wait to hear it. 
GFRIEND is being featured in February's issue of "Dazed" magazine. The girls are looking sad, but that does nothing to take away from their beauty. The girls were interviewed and asked what they would like to do now that they have reached the legal age in Korea. Umji went first and said that, "I want to have chi-maek (chicken and beer) at the Han River on a nice day with my members." SinB added that she wants "to go to the jjim-jil-bang. We can now go without guardians and we can go during the late hours by ourselves." For those that are wondering what that is, it's a public bathhouse.
[I][Click here to find out more about the Jjim-jil-bang!|https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jjimjilbang]
Sowon ended the interview by saying that she, "wants to watch late night movies. Also, I want to get my driver's license, and go on a road trip with everyone." The legal age to drink in Korea is 19. I think what surprised me was when Umji said she wanted to have chicken and beer with her group members. I didn't expect that from Umji. I would love to join Umji and the rest of the members, although I would have to drink apple juice or soda because I don't drink alcohol.
Red Velvet has released "Rookie" teasers for Wendy. It looks like Wendy is going back to the "Happiness" era, as her hair is blue. There is even better news for Red Velvet fans. Red Velvet are getting closer to getting a fandom name. SM Entertainment has decided to let Red Velvet fans submit fandom names, until February 5th. The girls of Red Velvet will then pick a name given to them by their fans. The winner will not only get their fandom name chosen, they will also get a signed Red Velvet album, along with a handwritten message. What fandom name would you give Red Velvet? I've seen a lot of mentions for "Cupcakes." What do you guys think? Send your fandom name suggestions to [email protected]
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