GH Entertainment has revealed that B.I.G will be making their comeback on February 13th with their single, "1,2,3." Are you guys excited for their comeback?
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Cross Gene has released more teasers for their comeback track, "Mirror." These teasers have the concept of good vs evil. Three members wore white, while the others wow l wore black. Cross Gene will be releasing "Mirror" on February 8th.
It looks like Wassup will be losing Nada, Jinju, and Dain. Nada submitted a request to terminate her contract with Mafia Records over failure to pay her. Nada has publicly stated numerous times that she isn't getting paid for all her promotions and activities. Mafia Records has responded by saying that they currently don't have the money to pay her because they aren't getting enough money back from their prior investments. Jinju and Dain have also sent in a request to terminate their contracts. Mafia Records also stated that they will be making a comeback as a four member group in March. What do you guys think of this situation?
A rep for "Inkigayo" has revealed that NCT U's Doyoung will be joining Jisoo and Jinyoung as the newest MC's for "Inkigayo." The reason behind these choices is that they wanted up and coming K-Pop stars who have a bright future, and can appeal to younger viewers. The first episode with the three newest MC's will air on February 5th. What do you guys think of the newest MC's?
Chrome Entertainment has revealed that Crayon Pop's contracts will be up in March. The agency added that they have yet to discuss contract renewals, but will release a statement when that time arrives. There is good news for Crayon Pop. Crayon Pop created a "Makestar" funding page for their "Winter Party Project" last year, and their fans gave them an overwhelming response. Crayon Pop set the funding goal at $8,608.08, but their fans didn't stop there. 323 of Crayon Pop's fans donated various amounts that lead to a total of $52,093.40. Crayon Pop's winter party will be taking place later this month. Congratulations Crayon Pop! Do you think Crayon Pop will renew their contracts?
N has been cast to play the role of a policeman for the upcoming drama, "Tunnel." The premise of this drama will be about the main actor traveling back and forth through time to solve a murder that occurred in 1980. Are you guys excited to see N as a policeman in this drama?
KBS has announced that "Unnies Slam Dunk 2" will be airing it's first episode on February 10th. Are you guys excited for this upcoming season?
NCT Dream has released some group teasers to get their fans ready for their 1st single album. Their single album is titled 'The First.' SM Entertainment has revealed that Jaemin will not be included in this comeback because of problems he's been having with a herniated disc. Jaemin has been dealing with this issue since his trainee days, so SM Entertainment has decided to put his health first, and not have him included in this comeback. NCT Dream will be making their comeback on February 9th.
Black Pink, GOT7, BTS, NCT 127, and Urban Zakapa have been revealed as the next batch of artists to perform at the Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards. This awards show will be taking place on February 22nd.
Block B has released a MV teaser for their single release, "Yesterday." This teaser is a parody of the hit TV show, "Friends." Block B is having fun, and they'll be releasing this track on February 6th.
SM STATION has released a MV teaser for their last track, "Curtain." This track will be released tomorrow. We know that the SM STATION project is coming to an end this week, but it's not the end of it. Confused? SM Entertainment has revealed that after this week's last release, they are planning to bring back the SM STATION project for season 2. This upcoming season will not only include collaborations with Korean artists, but artists overseas as well. What artists do you wish to see in future collaborations?
Jane Bak is an artist for the cartoon "Steven Universe." Jane recently uploaded a drawing of 2NE1 with Steven and his dad. Jane has said that this drawing is "probably noncanon, it was a strictly self indulgent drawing and I miss them." This would be pretty cool to see on TV, but it looks like we won't be getting that. Nonetheless, this is still pretty awesome.
Yesterday I was thinking about just when BTS was going to start to release teasers for their comeback album. Before going to bed I figured it would be today. Lo and behold, it was. BTS has released solo teasers, as well as a group teaser for their comeback album, 'Wings: You Never Walk Alone.' The boys look like they're gonna be making a comeback with an upbeat track. What kind of song do you guys think BTS will be making their comeback with? What do you think about their solo teasers?
Zion.T is topping the music charts with his comeback track, "The Song." Zion.T's track is really hitting fans in the feels, as they are showing how much they love this song. After signing with YG Entertainment, many fans thought he was gonna change styles, but he hasn't. Zion.T has remained the same, and I'm happy that YG is letting him do his own thing. If you look at his views on YouTube, and compare them to how he's doing on the charts, you'll be left scratching your head. Zion.T's MV for "The Song" doesn't even have 1 million views, but his album is topping the charts. This isn't anything new for Zion.T. He's a musical genius, and the public knows it. Congratulations Zion.T!
TWICE has released a teaser for their comeback track, "Knock Knock." All this teaser shows is the date and an email alert message. It looks like TWICE will be making their comeback with an upbeat track on February 20th. I can't wait for this comeback.