With the latest Pokemon Go craze absolutely mesmerizing people of all ages and backgrounds, we thought it might be fun if we compared Pokemon to members of BTS. Who is what Pokemon? Why? Find out below.



Rap Monster is Charmander.




The resemblance is so clear it’s not even funny. Rap Monster has Charmander’s eyes, nose, and facial shape. Rap Monster also breathes fire, too, as BTS’ resident fiery rap spitter.


Suga is Squirtle.




Both cute, both adorable, both cuddly. The same baby lips. If Suga was a Pokemon, he’d be Squirtle. If Squirtle was a human, it’d be BTS’ very own Suga. We’ll see if Suga evolves and “blasts” music of his own as a solo artist. You never know.


Jin is Pidgey.




Look at Pidgey’s sharp eyes and lush, brown feathers. Now look at Jin’s sharp eyes and lush, brown hair. There’s no way Jin isn’t Pidgey. Don’t stare for too long. You might get lost and find yourself in the claws of a big Pidgeot, or the soft hands of a mature Jin <3.


Jimin is Jigglypuff.




Both of these beautiful creatures have chubby cheeks, big bright eyes, and wavy hair. It’s not hard to imagine Jimin yelling out “Jiggly...puff!” randomly throughout the day.



Watch out for Part 2!