Cross Gene has released another teaser for their comeback on February 8th. From this teaser, it looks like they will be coming back with a dark concept? 
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MASC has released a group teaser for their comeback track, "Tina." MASC will be making their comeback on February 4th.
Eric Nam, Tablo, and Gallant will be collaborating for the track, "Cave Me In." This track will be released on January 26th. What kind of track do you guys wanna hear from this collaboration?
As Big Hit Entertainment normally does, they revealed big news about BTS at midnight. BTS will be making their comeback on February 13th with 'Wings: You Never Walk Alone.' Pre-orders for this album will start January 25th. I don't think BTS will be appearing on music shows during these promotions because they will be touring. I don't know their concert schedule, but they might be able to perform on music shows. Even if they don't perform, I think BTS can win on those music shows because they will sell a ridiculous amount of albums, again. I don't know why I'm asking this, since I already know the answer, but will you guys be buying this album?
After years of having an on again, off again relationship, IU and Jang Ki Ha have called it quits. Both of their agencies confirmed that they broke up about a week ago, but they still want to remain close friends.
SM Entertainment has revealed that Kyuhyun will be enlisting in the military as a social worker later this year. Kyuhyun was in a car accident in 2007. Kyuhyun was in a very bad car accident, in which he ended up getting over a hundred stitches, was in a coma, his ribs pierced his lungs, and was given a 20% chance of survival. I'm sure there are more details that I left out. I'm just stating some of the most notable. This accident affected his physical examination, as they probably determined that he wouldn't be able to complete many of the physical aspects required in the military. I've also read that he gets sick easily because of the accident, so many things were taken into account. I'm hoping I got the details of his accident right. If not, please message me in the comments so I can fix it. Enjoy the time you have left with Kyuhyun before he enlists!
Zion.T has released a teaser for his comeback on February 1st. This teaser reveals that the album or track title will be "OO." Are you guys excited for Zion.T's comeback?
San E has released the MV for his comeback track, "I Am Me", which features Hwasa. San E is having a fun time being himself, while others around him aren't happy with being themselves. Hwasa adds her great vocals to this upbeat dance track.
DreamCatcher's debut MV for "Catch Me" has reached over 1 million views in about 10 days. This an amazing accomplishment for a rookie group. What makes this a noteworthy feat, is that this group is from a lesser known company. I really like this track and concept. I hope to see more from them in the future. Congratulations DreamCatcher!
Jessi has released her solo track, "Don't Make Me Cry." This is a R&B track, mixed with emotional and powerful vocals from the ever beautiful Jessi. To me she's underrated as a singer. I know that she's mainly known for rapping, but people should really listen to her sing. She's got a distinct voice, that you know it's her when you hear it. I recommend that you listen to "Excessive Love" by Jessi. A fun fact is that the haircut in that MV is my favorite haircut that Jessi's ever had. But on the real, you should listen to it. Meanwhile in this MV, we can see Jessi and J-Yo going through bad times, as a couple, while we are shown flashbacks of better times. All Jessi wants is to be treated right. Jessi, why are you looking in the wrong places. I've been here this whole time. I won't do you wrong. Speaking of being done wrong, Jessi has let out a bit of frustration on her Instagram account . Jessi is not happy that her agency isn't promoting her, again. Jessi's Instagram post reads, "Thank God for my fans and friends for supporting me." Jessi added the hashtags, #selfemployed, #selfmade, #selfpromoting, #onmyown, #laughnowcrylater, and ended it with, "independent for life." This isn't the first time this has happened, last year, Jessi was frustrated that her agency didn't promote "Ssenunni." Her agency better promote her, because she might leave, and it won't be difficult to find a better agency, as she will have many offers. What did you guys think of this track?
Dynamic Duo has released their MV for their track, "Nosedive." This track features Chen. I am a fan on Dynamic Duo myself, so I only expected great things. Chen added the soulful dynamic with his soft voice. I liked the pacing of the song. The MV shows us an old man running through a grass field. With the title of this track, and from what I've seen in this MV, and the feel of the song, could this track be about taking risks and not being afraid when you are younger? What did you guys think of this track?
Seohyun's debut solo album, 'Don't Say No' has topped the Hanteo and Hottracks album sales charts, among other album charts this past week. Congratulations Seohyun! With the solo success of all these Girls' Generation members, which member would you like to see go solo next?
Suzy has made her official solo debut with the release of "Yes No Maybe." The lyrics talk about Suzy being attracted to her love interest, when she knows she shouldn't be. Probably because he's bad news. More on that in a minute. For me the song was somewhere in the middle. I'm not too high, or too low on it. I do love her vocals though. Did we wait this long for Suzy to debut as a serial killer? It appears that way. From the lyrics and the ending, it looks like she killed the cheating lover, and the girl he was cheating on Suzy with. Suzy went from being the "Nation's First Love", to "JYP's First Serial Killer." I'm jk, but remind me not to mess with Suzy in the future. What did you guys think of "Yes No Maybe"?
Big Bang's "Fxxk It" has reached over 50 million views on YouTube. Meanwhile "Last Dance" has amassed over 30 million views. The Kings of K-Pop are still achieving great things, but at this point, should this be a surprise anymore? They aren't the Kings for nothing. Congratulations Big Bang!
Somi is being featured in February's issue of "@star1" magazine. In the interview segment, Somi wanted to tell the male trainees of "Produce 101" to be themselves, and to be honest. Somi added that she thinks that she's loved because "I'm honest, and I'm not fake. To be honest, what's the point of being deceitful?" Somi ended the segment by saying that as an MC, she felt like she needed to know "as many idols as possible well, so I watch entertainment news and study. As for a stage I want to do, I want to put on a special stage with UP10TION's Wooshin."
I.O.I uploaded a picture of themselves on their Instagram account. The caption reads, "Till now, this has been I.O.I. YES, I LOVE IT! Thank you!" The girls are also holding banners that read, "Don't forget that we really loved you." This picture was taken at their "Time Slip" concert. It's still not setting in that these girls are going their separate ways. I don't want to believe it.
YMC Entertainment has revealed that after much deliberation, they will be shutting down I.O.I's fan cafe. YMC Entertainment has messaged their fans to continue showing the I.O.I members lots of love and support throughout their careers. YMC Entertainment will be closing down I.O.I's fan cafe on January 31st.
It was recently revealed that I.O.I spent their last night together with family, friends, and their staff. They held a samgyupsal(pork belly) party for all of those who attended. They shared memories and stories of their long journey as members of I.O.I. Some of the members of I.O.I were able to sleep in their dorms one last night, while others had to leave for their scheduled activities. I can only guess on how many tears were shed on this night. I wish these girls could stick around as a group for much longer. I was lucky enough to watch them perform at KCON this past year. I will miss you I.O.I!
Red Velvet has released teasers for their comeback track, "Rookie." These teasers look reminiscent of their "Dumb Dumb" concept. Could we be getting something similar?
The first group member teaser released is of Seulgi. I am really loving her look, and her hair! I really hope that Red Velvet makes a comeback with an upbeat track. Red Velvet will be making their comeback on February 1st. What do you guys think their concept will be?