Lunafly's Yun has released a teaser for his solo debut track, "Wonderland." This track will be released on February 21st.
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After rumors swirled about Yoo Ah In having a bone tumor, and that he was having difficulty in his life because of it, his agency has stepped up to clarify those rumors. Yoo Ah In's agency has released a statement saying, "It's a malign tumor, not benign. There are no difficulties in his day-to-day life. He will be re-examined by the Military Manpower Administration." Benign tumors are usually considered "harmless", as they don't go into your nearby tissues in your body. Let's hope that this is another one of those cases for Yoo Ah In.
After leaving many fans guessing on what their comeback track was gonna be, B.A.P has released a comeback schedule for their comeback track, "Rose." "Rose" will be released on March 7th.
ARMYs are working overtime to help their beloved boys break their own records. ARMYs have gotten BTS' "Spring Day" MV to reach over 20 million views, in almost four days. Not only has "Spring Day" managed to garner over 20 million views, but ARMYs are also keeping "Spring Day" at the #1 position on iTunes' Top Videos list in many countries including the U.S.A, Canada, and the U.K. Congratulations ARMYs and BTS! P.S. Don't forget to eat and sleep ARMYs!
There is more good news for ARMYs, as rapper Wale has replied to an ARMYs tweet that was asking about the possibility of a BTS and Wale collaboration. Wale replied by saying, "I'll be wit the bros in a few weeks on their side of the world." This would be a sick collaboration. The only members I can see being a part of this possible collaboration are Rap Monster, J-Hope, and Suga. If they wanted to do a collaboration with all of them, they might have them do some background vocals. I believe they will be doing a rap collaboration, which is why I have chosen those three. What are your thoughts on this possible collaboration?
Mystic Entertainment has revealed that Zico will be collaborating with Yoon Jong Shin as a part of his "Monthly Yoon Jong Shin" project. This track is scheduled to be released at the end of this month.
Gugudan has released solo teasers for Nayoung, Hana, and Mimi. These teasers are for Gugudan's comeback album, 'Act. 2 Narcissus.' Stay tuned for more teasers. Gugudan will be making their comeback on February 28th. Are you guys excited for their comeback?
Monsta X has released a teaser for their first photobook, "Temperature." The boys flew to Los Angeles for part of their photoshoot. The other part of the photoshoot looks to have taken place in Hong Kong. Pre-orders for this photobook began yesterday.
FNC Entertainment has updated AOA fans on Yuna's health status by releasing a statement saying that, "Yuna has taken her cast off and is currently taking part in physical therapy. Though she can walk unaided, she is wearing a guard around her ankle, and she is refraining from moving around too much or walking up and down stairs." FNC Entertainment added that Yuna really wants to perform on stage again so she can see her fans, and that she could perform a special stage that involves her playing the piano.
As a way to celebrate EXID's recent five year anniversary, Leggos have planted an "EXID Forest" in Ilam, Nepal. This kind gesture was thanks in part to the Taiwanese Leggo fandom, "Ahnsisterz Taiwan", and "Tree Planet." Congratulations on your five year anniversary EXID!
Starship X has released a teaser for the Junggigo and Chanyeol's upcoming collaboration track, "Let Me Love You." This track is set to be released on February 23rd. Are you guys excited for this collaboration?
Dean has released the MV for his comeback track, "Limbo." This track features Baek Ye Rin. Both of their vocals together is heaven to your ears. I think that you'll forget that this song is about dreaming of an ex while you focus on their singing. Can they release a collaboration album? I would love to hear more tracks with Dean and Baek Ye Rin. What did you guys think of this track?
YG Entertainment has released a teaser for "Play Ugly." Akdong Musician will be releasing the lyric MV for "Play Ugly" tomorrow. Akdong Musician will begin promotions for "Play Ugly" on "Inkigayo" this weekend. Are you guys excited for more AKMU promotions?
K.A.R.D has released their highly anticipated comeback MV for, "Don't Recall." The over night sensation known as K.A.R.D has released another hit. K.A.R.D is keeping it simple in this MV. They aren't going crazy with production. They are able to tell a story through their choreography and dream like sequences. I really love the vocals and rapping. It almost feels like I'm being put under a spell. It's that enticing. I wish they had an album because I could listen to it all day. Fans of K.A.R.D had the hashtag #KARDDontRecall trending worldwide. The only concern I have with K.A.R.D is that they are getting international recognition, and not as much love in Korea. It definitely has to do with the type of music they are releasing. Music that's hip-hop, or close to it doesn't really translate to success on Korean charts. There are some very rare exceptions though. Most recently, Big Bang's "Fxxk It" was able to stay at the top of the charts for a good while. I think it was over two weeks. "Don't Recall" is an EDM track that will have you hitting the replay button again and again. If you need to forget a relationship that ended badly, then this song is for you.
TWICE has recently entered the Japanese market, and with that, they have caught the attention of Audi. The Japanese Twitter page for Audi uploaded the picture above, along with a caption that reads,
"We want to say that we're the original. #I'mTTtoo #ThisIsAudiTT's19thYear."
If I was Audi, I would definitely sign these girls for some car commercials. While I'm at it, I'll give them each an Audi TT. Audi, pay close attention, you have your next CF models in TWICE. You can be "TT" together.
TWICE has released more teasers for their "Knock Knock" comeback. It looks like TWICE will be going for a "good girl/bad girl" concept as they have released teasers of the girls in both concepts. I'm definitely okay with this concept. They haven't tried the "bad girl" concept yet, but it looks like they might be trying it out during this comeback.
TWICE has also released a MV teaser for "Knock Knock." In this teaser we see that the girls are running down the stairs to see who it is that knocked. I'm hoping that we get another MV teaser within the next couple of days. TWICE will be making their comeback on February 20th.
M! Countdown
"M! Countdown" returned this week with performances by some of your favorite artists. Nominated for first place this week was Red Velvet and Akdong Musician. Red Velvet took home the first place trophy for the seventh time. Red Velvet has also managed to get the fourth highest score of all time on "M! Countdown" with the score of 10,903. I really enjoyed watching Joy being there to accept the award with the rest of Red Velvet. Congratulations Red Velvet!
Red Velvet
NCT Dream
"My First and Last"
Cross Gene
"Black or White"
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