Viction has released the tracklist for their comeback album, 'Ready.' This album will contain five tracks. The title track will be "Eyez Eyez." I'm liking the colors they are using for this comeback. I'm hoping that it will be an edgy theme. I'm really liking their group logo as well. Viction will be making their comeback on March 2nd.
CR Allkpop/Soompi
Last year, Oh My Girl's JinE had to stop promotions because of her battle with anorexia. JinE has been receiving treatment for her anorexia since then. Oh My Girl has recently announced that they will be making a comeback in March. With this news, JinE's participation for their upcoming promotions has been brought in to question. WM Entertainment has released a statement saying that they will decide whether or not JinE will join the rest of Oh My Girl for their comeback promotions "after talking about it thoroughly with JinE and her parents." Anorexia is a very serious problem. Idols are constantly in the spotlight, and are being watched all the time. Sometimes the pressures and harsh comments from fans can get to them, and things like this can, and have happened. I'm hoping she has found the right treatment, and that she focuses on herself, because that's most important. I'm hoping that JinE will get better soon, but most importantly be happy and healthy.
MFBTY is not the only Korean act that will be performing at SXSW. KOCCA has revealed that Red Velvet, Hyorin, No Brain, Galaxy Express, and Big Phony will be lighting up the stage on March 17th for "2017 K-Pop Night Out." If you live in Austin, Texas and are a fan of any of these acts, make sure you go to South By South West to check them out. Will any of you guys be going?
BTS is continuing to make it on to Billboard’s charts. BTS has claimed the #15 position on the "Bubbling Under Hot 100" chart. "Spring Day" has topped the "World Digital Songs" chart. 'You Never Walk Alone' has not only topped the "World Albums" chart, it has also managed to snag the #61 position on the "Billboard 200." With BTS' overwhelming popularity overseas, this isn't a surprise. It's no longer a matter of will they make these charts, but it's a matter of how high they will rank. Bang Si Hyuk even tweeted about this achievement, adding the caption, "It's one small step tho, still one giant leap for BTS. Thanks A.R.M.Y!" Congratulations BTS!
Recently, K.A.R.D held a V app broadcast. During this broadcast, K.A.R.D was talking about their rankings on iTunes. The most notable was that K.A.R.D. was able to top iTunes' "U.S. K-Pop" chart. K.A.R.D went on to thank their international fans for helping them do so well on the charts. I talked about their international popularity last week. K.A.R.D's music is hip-hop/EDM influenced. This type of music is very popular overseas. It's not that popular in Korea, which is why they are getting more recognition internationally. Will K.A.R.D ever be embraced in Korea? We'll have to wait and see. I hope they get more love because they are a great group, and they haven't even debuted yet. What are your thoughts on K.A.R.D?
Taeyeon has released more teasers for her comeback album, 'My Voice.' In the first teaser, we see a birthday cake, while we listen to a snippet of Taeyeon's "Feel So Fine." This song sounds like it'll be a mood booster for when you're not feeling your best, or you want to tell the world that you simply don't care because you "feel so fine.
What's better than one Taeyeon? How about three Taengoos! Yes there are three Taeyeon's in the teaser for "Lonely Night." Does this mean I can finally have a Taeyeon all to myself? Sorry Hailey! Taeyeon's comeback is also being affected by the music charts change that will be taking place on February 27th. Taeyeon will be releasing her comeback album at 12 pm instead of 12 am. This isn't a surprise as BTOB and Lovelyz have also done the same thing. Don't be surprised when other groups and solo artists do the same thing. Taeyeon will be making her comeback on February 28th at 12pm.
TWICE is continuing to do really well on the music charts. 'TWICEcoaster: Lane 2' has grabbed the #1 position on iTunes' "K-Pop Album" chart here in the states. "Knock Knock" is continuing to rank very high on music charts all over the world, even coming out on top on many of them. TWICE has also achieved another perfect All-kill. TWICE has topped the eight major music charts all, along with the iChart's Weekly and Realtime charts. I'm very happy that TWICE is being shown lots of love and support from not only ONCE's and the public in Korea, but ONCE's all over the world. Congratulations TWICE!
Show Champion
"Show Champion" returned this week with performances by some of your favorite artists. Nominated for first place this week was Red Velvet, Big Bang, Block B, BTS, and Zion.T. BTS took home the first place trophy. BTS wasn't present as they attended the Gaon Music Awards. BTS did record a special thank you to their fans for the award. Congratulations BTS!
NCT 127
NCT Dream
"My First and Last"
Gaon Chart Music Awards
The "Gaon Chart Music Awards" were held yesterday. Awards were given out for how artists performed on the music charts, stylists, choreography, producers, and much more. This is a long list of winners. I won't include every winner, as there won't be any room for everybody, and I still have to add the performances. Here are the winners:
Artist of the Year (Album – Quarterly)
First Quarter
Second Quarter
Third Quarter
Fourth Quarter
Artist of the Year (Song – Monthly)
Jang Bum Joon
Urban Zakapa
Wonder Girls
Black Pink
Lim Chang Jung
Black Pink
Big Bang
Rookie of the Year – Album
NCT 127
Rookie of the Year – Song
Black Pink
Style of the Year – Choreography
Son Seung Deuk (BTS)
Style of the Year – Stylist
Choi Hui Seon (TWICE)
Discovery of the Year – R&B
Discovery of the Year – Hip hop
Discovery of the Year – Indie:
Discovery of the Year – Ballad
Han Dong Geun
V LIVE Global Popularity
Song of the Year – International Pop
Maroon 5
International Rising Star of the Year
Charlie Puth
Popular Singer of the year
MC the Max
Long-Run Song of the Year
MC the Max
Producer of the Year
Bang Shi Hyuk
K-pop Contribution of the Year
Song Writer of the Year
Jo Yoon Kyung (EXO)
Composer of the Year
Black Eyed Pilseung
World Hallyu Star
Hot Performance of the Year
Artist of Fan Choice – Individual
Sehun (EXO)
Artist of Fan Choice - Group
Performer of the Year
Chorus: Kim Ryeong
Performer of the Year - Musical Instrument:
Lee Seong Yeol, Choi Tae Wan
"Pit-A-Pat" × "TT" What happened to Jeongyeon? That scream. Geez. Even Jihyo was like what the?
Black Pink
"Whistle" × "Playing with Fire"
"Navillera" × "Rough"
"You're The Best" × "Decalcomanie"
"Save Me" × "Blood, Sweat, and Tears"
"Monster" × "Lotto" Were there only EXO-L's in attendance? Geez. From the fan chants alone, I was like, where are the rest of the fandoms?
Thank you guys for reading this post. I hope you have a great Friday!