Did you like ‘Hot Pink’?

When EXID came out with the song almost a year ago, it seemed like they got a cold reception. Some people thought it was just a rehash of their previous hits and it didn’t sound original. Others thought it was a song that was, for a lack of a better word, ‘meh’.



Personally, I loved listening to ‘Hot Pink’ and felt like it was arguably the catchiest EXID to date. The chorus is simple enough that you could hum it or sing the words absent-mindedly throughout the day without knowing it (I’ve done this so many times) and LE’s verse is one of her best. It has all the essential EXID elements (EEE for short): a chorus that you can shake your hips to, a typically fierce LE verse, and a Solji and Hyelin pre-chorus vocal belting session. I have to admit, though, that I have no idea what the song means. What exactly is colored ‘hot pink’? What do we have to ‘push, push’? Why does LE put tape on a car engine in the beginning of the music video? What does it all mean??


None of that matters, though. ‘Hot Pink’ is catchy as hell and that’s the sign of a good EXID song.


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