Woollim Entertainment has released more teasers for Jangjun and Youngtaek's collaboration track, "Drought." The boys are looking pensive and casual in these teasers. "Drought" will be released on February 13th.
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Leeteuk and Solar have been announced as the MC's for the upcoming "Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards." Make sure to watch this awards show on February 22nd.
BTS has released another MV teaser, only this time, it's not for "Spring Day", it's for "Not Today." It looks like BTS will be releasing two MV's for their comeback. "Spring Day" sounds like it's a calm chilled out song. "Not Today" sounds like they're gonna bring the roof down. Well, at least I'm hoping so. That beat is enough to get me hyped. BTS will be making a comeback on Sunday. Are you ARMYs ready?
Fans from 18 countries chipped in so that Lee Jun Ki could get his own page in "The Hollywood Reporter" magazine. Lee Jun Ki made his big screen debut in "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter." Fans have shown their love and appreciation for their beloved actor. This is pretty awesome, and it shows what fans can do when they come together.
Hyuna has been uploading short clips and pictures of her filming for something. Fans are speculating that Hyuna will be releasing a special MV for her fans as a thank you for supporting her for 10 years. Could Hyuna be hinting at a possible comeback? Or is she just filming for a CF?
Dean has released a MV teaser for his upcoming track, "Limbo." This teaser has a "Twilight Zone" type of feel. "Limbo" will be released on February 17th.
Kris Wu will be playing in this year's "2017 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game." Kris will be playing on the East team. This is Kris' second straight appearance in this celebrity All-star game. If you guys want to watch Kris light up the court, make sure to watch ESPN on February 17th.
Fantagio has confirmed that Yoojung and Doyeon will be heading to the U.S., where they'll be meeting up with artists and producers such as Pitbull, Lauren Giraldo, B.O.B, Francis, and many others. Fantagio added that this trip will be using this trip for "rest and recuperation." How will these two girls rest and recuperate for the two weeks they'll be here? Probably by checking out the tourist attractions, shopping, spending days at the beach, and sleeping in right? Wrong. Fantagio said that Yoojung and Doyeon will "hone in new musical skills while preparing for new challenges." Yoojung and Doyeon will be coming to the states on February 14th. I'm hoping that these girls find some time to rest and sleep in. If you guys live in Los Angeles, be on the lookout for these girls, as they're more than likely going to be staying in Los Angeles. I'm not saying to stalk them, just keep your eyes open, and admire them, from a DISTANCE.
Lots of students seem to be graduating this time of year. Yesterday, more K-Pop idols graduated from their high school. The most recent idol graduates from Hanlim Multi Art School are:
Dahyun - The rest of the members of TWICE surprised her by showing up at her graduation.
DreamCatcher's Kahyeon
Romeo's - Hyunkyung
Myteen's - Song Yoo Bin
UP10TION's - Hwanhee
Janey from "Unpretty Rapstar" also graduated, but I couldn't find a picture of her at graduation. Congratulations to all of the students and idols who graduated!
Wonder Girls (원더걸스) - 그려줘 (DRAW ME) [MP3 Audio]
Wonder Girls has officially disbanded with the release of "Draw Me." While searching for the MV for their last track, all I could find was lyrics and subtitle videos. JYP Entertainment didn't create an official MV for their last release. That doesn't sit well with me. After 10 years with JYP Entertainment, you would think they would make a compilation MV of the members 10 year journey. As for the song, it's hard to come to terms with the fact that Wonder Girls aren't together anymore. I have been a fan of Wonder Girls, so I'm definitely going to miss their vocals. I know that we'll get to hear some of these girls sing again on their own projects, but it's not the same as having them together.
Yubin has uploaded a letter for her "Wonderfuls" on JYP Entertainment's official fansite that reads:
"To, Wonderful. Hello. Our precious Wonderful, this is Wonder Girls' Yubin. It's already February of 2017. I'm greeting you guys for the first time in awhile. Our Wonderfuls... probably were hurt and confused by the reports. I should've taken more care of you guys but I'm sorry that I couldn't talk with you sooner. Thanks to all the prayers and support during my farewell with my father; I believe he'll be watching me comfortably from above. I'm trying to do well as I depend on my family. Thank you. February 10, 2017, is a very precious, special day to us and it's heavy on my mind that I am reaching out to you guys like this. A lot of memories come to mind as I greet our 10th anniversary. I can see the path that we walked on since 2007 to this moment. The trust, support, and encouragement by Wonder Girls and Wonderfuls will always remain a big part of my life. I will never forget the love and support that many fans gave Wonder Girls' for the past 10 years and I will show a good side of me. I'm thankful and thankful for the overflowing love. Wonderfuls, who have given full support and trust for me from any and everywhere, I appreciate that you guys stood by our side and always gave us strength. My heart is and will be grateful and grateful. I'm sorry to our Wonderfuls who must've struggled and I regret lacking and not being able to express myself well. I should've expressed my feelings more and more often.. You must've been upset.. I realize that now. I'll encourage and support you guys from now on. Thanks to Wonderful and everyone who has loved our music for your endless love and support. It was a pleasure to meet all of you. I'll treasure every moment we shared and would like to send you back my love and support. Thank you and thanks for being so Wonderful. Once again, I sincerely appreciate everyone who watched and loved Wonder Girls." What do you guys think about Wonder Girls' last track, and Yubin's message?
Now let's move on to what most of you guys came here for, the rebirth of BEAST. Or, as I'd like to call it, the beginning of the end for Cube Entertainment. Cube Entertainment had the "brilliant" idea to reveal that they are planning on making BEAST a three member group, that will include Hyunseung and two new members. Cube added that Hyunseung "has been training and preparing with the two new members. We ask that you show much love and support henceforth to the new BEAST, and Jang Hyunseung." That's gotta be the dumbest agency statement I've ever read. How are fans and the public gonna show love and support by doing this? They're gonna get hate. You pretty much just gave the fans of BEAST the middle finger by doing this. I can only imagine that all of B2UTY is feeling like this right now:
Hyunseung uploaded a message to his Instagram account that said, "What are they saying... This is the first time I've heard this... I don't plan on doing this either. I used to think stars giving explanations on Instagram was uncool, but I couldn't leave this alone."
Cube Entertainment probably saw this and told him to delete the message since it's not up there anymore. BEAST's newest agency, Around Us Entertainment, has revealed that they were still in discussions about BEAST's trademark name, so this came as a shock to them. With this mess, Cube Entertainment clearly doesn't care about what happens to their agency. Apart from Hyuna, Troublemaker, and BTOB, what have they got? I know CLC and Pentagon are there, but I'm talking about the money makers for Cube. CLC was transformed into 4minute with the release of "Hobgoblin." Why? The idea of idol groups is to give them their own distinct image, not to be labeled as an impersonation of another group. Now they want to revive BEAST with two new members? Cube has already killed the careers of those new members by doing this. Whoever the two guys that are gonna be joining Hyunseung are, they would be better off leaving Cube Entertainment so they can get a chance to gain attention for a good reason with another agency, not for this disaster. Could this be a power move for Cube so the original members of BEAST give up on fighting for their group name, as they won't be able to win in court. By adding Hyunseung into this BEAST revival, they will have one of the original members of BEAST which probably means the other original members can't do anything about it now. In other words, Cube Entertainment is trying to do whatever they can to hold on to the trademark "BEAST/B2ST." Cube just told BEAST fans that "we don't give a ish about what you want or think. We will do whatever we want, and you'll still buy our music and merch." I'm sorry Cube. You seem to be very disconnected from reality, as you're in for a rude awakening if you think that this is gonna go over well. What are your thoughts on this issue? I'm looking forward to reading them in the comments section. I'm bringing the popcorn, who's got the tea?
Music Bank
"Music Bank" returned this week with performances by some of your favorite artists. Nominated for first place this week was Red Velvet and Zion.T. Red Velvet took home the first place trophy for the fourth straight time. So far, Red Velvet is 4/4 in trophy wins. They are getting lots of love and support this time around. Let's get them another win on "Inkigayo" this upcoming Sunday. Red Velvet couldn't accept the award as they were in Japan for scheduled activities. Congratulations Red Velvet!
KBSKPOP doesn't let me add any videos ever. I couldn't find any re-uploads that I could use. Instead, I added Red Velvet's "Dance Practice" version of "Rookie." Red Velvet have definitely stepped up their choreo game, as this is definitely their most intricate choreography performance for any of their releases.
Thank you guys for reading this post. I was in the middle of watching "Battle Royale"(2000), when I came across the news of Hyunseung and BEAST. If you guys like watching Horror/Thriller movies, then definitely watch "Battle Royale." There is a good amount of gore, I wanted to warn you in advance if that's not your kind of thing. I was planning on taking the night off by playing "Rave in the Redwoods", but I wanted to make a news post so I could get your thoughts on this Cube Entertainment mess. Apart from Cube Entertainment's drama, what other news stories stood out to you the most? I hope that you guys have a great Friday? Any plans for the weekend?