As of now, Mamamoo is K-pop’s biggest girl crush.

There are other groups like April and GFriend that come close with their cute, innocent concept, sure, but no one else can combine Mamamoo’s visuals and amazing voices as well as they do. Twice is neck and neck with Mamamoo in terms of popularity and “hot”-ness but definitely trail Mamamoo in terms of vocal ability, as Twice is much more focused on choreography, costumes, and stage entertainment.

Usually girl groups are either vocal or visual; either they can actually sing but lack in dance and visual, or they have all visuals and little vocal ability. Mamamoo is a healthy dose of both. As you can see in songs like “I Miss You” and “Mr. Ambiguous”, the vocal ability is there. Few girl groups in Korea can harmonize like Mamamoo. Few have a girl group rapper like Moonbyul who can actually “rap” in a way that adds to the song, instead of the rap sounding like a boring recitation. You can also see in songs like “Taller than You” and “You’re the Best” the kind of energy that makes Mamamoo one of the hottest groups out there. Their live performances are full of energy and enthusiasm; they genuinely seem happy to be on stage. The members have just as much fun as the fans listening to them. Their chemistry with each other in their choreography makes them seem like a group of best friends out having fun.

To someone who is trying to get into K-pop music, Mamamoo is a great group to start with. Its members are completely recognizable. The members all have their own personality and quirks that can help a newbie feel less intimidated about getting to know a group. Moonbyul is the rapper with a low voice. She is one of three members that seem to always have long hair. Solar is the main vocal and probably who most would consider the main visual. She recently went on “We Got Married” with Eric Nam, causing jealousy in quite a lot of guys, and maybe some girls too. Wheein, second youngest in the group, has a voice that just screams R&B. Hwasa looks like the most mature of the group due to her fierce make up and attitude, but actually she is the youngest next to Wheein. Her personality on stage endears her to a lot of fans.

The members may all have different appearances and looks but at the end of the day they are all part of one group, Mamamoo. The members’ willingness to let go of their ego and greed for camera time plays a big part in Mamamoo’s continued success. Who knows where they’ll be in 10 years? Almost 10 years ago, Girls’ Generation and 2NE1 paved the way for the K-pop wave not only in Korea but also around the world. Now it’s Mamamoo’s time. It’s time for Moonbyul, Wheein, Hwasa, and Solar to take their music to the next level and do for the K-pop scene what groups of the past did for younger groups like Mamamoo and Twice.


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