Beat Win has released a MV teaser for their comeback track, "Don't Leave." It sounds like we will be getting a ballad track, accompanied by a walk on the beach with the boys. Beat Win will be making their comeback tomorrow.
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A rep for Brave Entertainment has released a statement saying that Brave Girls will be making a comeback as a five member group. Brave Girls will be filming their comeback MV very soon. Brave Girls are hoping to make a comeback next month.
FNC Entertainment has confirmed that N.Flying is discussing preparations for their comeback. Reports have surfaced that N.Flying might be adding a new member to the group. FNC Entertainment added that nothing has been decided yet, and their comeback date will be decided "once they regroup." What do you guys think of the possibility of N.Flying adding another member?
Rain's agency has revealed that he is getting close to making a comeback. Rain is aiming to make a comeback next month. Are you guys excited for his comeback next month?
KBS has announced that BTS' track, "Outro: Wings", has been "deemed inappropriate for broadcast", as some of the lyrics contain "profanity and vulgarity." In other words, they're cussing. Big Hit Entertainment has decided to not edit the lyrics, or resubmit them because BTS' promotions will not be including that song. This isn't a surprise. Many K-Pop songs have to get edited often because of cuss words, and or using brand names. It makes sense that BTS won't edit the lyrics as they probably weren't going to perform "Outro: Wings" on music shows anyways. ARMYs will get to see BTS perform their newest tracks "Not Today", "You Never Walk Alone", "Spring Days, and "Outro: Wings" for the first time at their "2017 Live Trilogy Episode III The Wings Tour" at the Gocheok Sky Dome on February 18th and 19th. It looks like BTS won't be promoting their newest tracks on music shows for about two weeks. BTS will be performing at the Gaon Music Awards on February 22nd. BTS is gonna be pretty busy this month.
NCT Dream has released the MV for their comeback track, "My First and Last." The MV shows us that the boys are crushing on their school teacher. In the end, they discover that she already has a husband and baby. I am really liking this song. The beat and vocals remind me of younger SHINee. This is definitely one of my favorite releases of 2017. I've replayed this song about five times already. These kids are really talented. They're all still under 18 right? What did you guys think of this track?
K.A.R.D has released a MV teaser for their upcoming single, "Don't Recall." The teaser shows that there will be two versions of this song. The normal version, and the "hidden" version. The "hidden" version has me thinking that there could be someone else joining them on this track. K.A.R.D will be making their comeback on February 16th.
A rep for JYP Entertainment has revealed that Min Hyo Rin will not be renewing her contract which ends in March. The JYPE rep added that they couldn't come to an agreement after a lengthy discussion. After three years, it looks like Min Hyo Rin is ready to move on to another agency that will actively promote her. The first agency that comes to mind is YG Entertainment, but being that she's Taeyang's girlfriend, I don't think she will be able to work there. Min Hyo Rin will definitely have many agencies wanting her to sign with them, so finding work shouldn't be a problem. Which agency do you guys think Min Hyo Rin will sign with?
A live version of Ailee's "I Will Go To You Like The First Snow" has finally been released. This very successful track is part of "Goblin's OST. The song spent nearly a month at #1 on the charts, and now you get to see the songstress herself, sing this beautiful song.
Nikkan Sports is reporting that Daesung will be making a return to Japan with his comeback album, 'D-Day.' 'D-Day' will contain seven tracks, and it will be released on April 7th.
We all know that K-Pop is growing in popularity with each passing day. With the growth of popularity comes many things, great things. We all know about KCON right? KCON has taken place in Los Angeles, Irvine, New York, Abu Dhabi, France, Japan, and South Korea. I'm hoping I didn't miss any locations. KCON will be adding another destination, as Mexico will be the next destination for this amazing music celebration.
On Day 1, fans will see EXID, NCT 127, Eric Nam, and BTS. On Day 2, Red Velvet, Monsta X, ASTRO, and INFINITE H will be performing. This is great news for Mexican fans, as some of their favorite idols will be heading South to interact and perform. With KCON getting bigger every year, it's only a matter of time until other countries get to experience KCON live. The next KCON that I can see happening is in the UK.
Ticket prices are in pesos (Mexican currency). P1 is $4500 pesos, which equates to about $218 US dollars.
With P1, you'll not only get to stand as close as possible to the stage, you will be guaranteed two hi-touch opportunities, a chance to walk on the red carpet, a limited edition goodie bag, and convention passes for both days. Unlike KCON in Los Angeles and New York, there won't be a Platinum ticket package. I've added some information for you guys, but you can find out all of the information here at:
KCON Mexico will take place on March 17th and 18th of this year. Tickets have already gone on sale, so if you want to go, you better buy your tickets fast! Will you be going to KCON Mexico? Where do you think KCON should go to next?
"Show Champion"
Show Champion
"Show Champion" returned this week with performances by some of your favorite artists. Nominated for first place this week was Big Bang, Red Velvet, Akdong Musician, AOA, and Zion.T. Red Velvet took home the first place trophy for the second straight time. Joy was unable to accept the trophy with the rest of the girls because she had to leave to film for her upcoming drama. Also, Red Velvet will be appearing on February 12th's episode of "Running Man", so make sure you're watching. Congratulations Red Velvet!
Red Velvet - "Rookie" Am I the only one that is really loving what they're doing with Seulgi on this comeback? I'm really falling for Seulgi big time. Irene. I think you might have competition. You better step your game up! But then again, sharing is caring.
CLC - "Hobgoblin"
April - "April Story"
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