Mnet has released more details for the upcoming season of "Produce 101." Some of the known details are of what agencies are going to be represented. Those agencies are Pledis Entertainment, Jellyfish Entertainment, Fantagio, Cube Entertainment, and newly added RBW, and Brand New Music. Mnet added that this season has been under lots of scrutiny and doubt as they were having difficulty gathering trainees. Mnet also revealed that some, or one of the participants in the upcoming season are idol(s) that have already debuted. This has drawn lots of attention as fans are wondering who these already debuted idols could be. My guess is that the already debuted idols will be from lesser known groups. I've also seen that some fans think it could be Cube Entertainment's Roh Jihoon Which idol(s) do you think will be participating in this season 2 of "Produce 101"?
CR Allkpop/Soompi
After the departure of Madtown from J. Tune Camp, rumors started to spread that the agency was shutting down for good. Many of the staff members from the agency decided to jump ship as well. As of right now, I don't think they have any active artists. J. Tune Camp does have the remaining members of MBLAQ, but it looks like they will have to look for another agency after they return from the military. J. Tune Camp caught wind of these rumors, and released a statement saying that there is no truth to the rumors that they will be shutting down the agency. The agency also added that they are currently working with trainees, and they are getting them ready to debut. With J. Tune Camp releasing this statement, it looks like they aren't shutting down shop just yet. Of course J. Tune Camp could be stalling, but we will have to wait and see. What are your thoughts on J. Tune Camp's ordeal?
Lovelyz has released the tracklist for their comeback album, 'R U Ready?' This album will contain 11 tracks, including their title track, "Wow." The girls are looking very colorful in their teasers. Lovelyz' comeback is just around the corner, so make sure to check out their MV teaser which should be released soon. Lovelyz will be making their comeback on February 26th.
YMC Entertainment has confirmed that Ailee will be making a comeback in March. YMC Entertainment added that the MV for the track title has already finished filming. YMC Entertainment has added that they are currently discussing her appearances on upcoming music shows. Are you guys excited for Ailee's comeback?
Junggigo and Chanyeol have released a MV teaser for their collaboration track, "Let Me Love You." This teaser gives us a glimpse into the two artists hard at work in the studio. We also get to hear a bit of the song. "Let Me Love You" will be a piano based melody that will have the soft vocals of Junggigo meshing with Chanyeol's deep voice. "Let Me Love You" will be released on tomorrow. Are you guys excited for this collaboration track?
Over the past week we've read that the major music charts will be making changes that will affect the ranking and chart position of many artists. The date for which these changes will occur is February 27th at midnight. The reason the music charts are going in this direction is because it will give a more accurate reading of how well songs are doing on the charts. This will also give many other artists a chance on the rankings as well. This change has been a bit controversial, as many K-Pop fans aren't happy with it. This change isn't because of a certain group either. Many artists have been topping the charts, well mostly idols and idol groups. I don't mind these changes at all. I don't stream the music, so this won't change anything for me. I do watch the MV's though. I think that the popular groups will not really be affected by this. If anything, this will definitely hurt the lesser known groups. They might get overlooked now with all of the music being streamed by not only K-Pop fans, but the public as well. Releasing music at 12am was a huge advantage for idol groups/artists. The majority of K-Pop fans rushed to stream their favorite idols' music to get them to top the charts. Of course they topped the charts since there wasn't any competition. All-kills were becoming the norm to the point that it wasn't a surprise for anybody when idols topped the charts. With the real time charts rankings starting at 12pm and ending at 6pm, we will get to see a more accurate reading of what is actually being streamed during this time. K-Pop fans are going to have to figure something out so that they can continue to show their favorite idols lots of love and support. This also means that many K-Pop fans don't have to stay up so late streaming since they will be able to sleep now. This is already affecting K-Pop groups. BTOB won't be releasing their comeback album at 12 am. Instead, they will be releasing their album at 6pm. Recently Lovelyz also changed their comeback date from the 27th to the 26th. Woollim Entertainment released a statement saying that they "would like fans to enjoy Lovelyz' music a day earlier as they have prepared so hard for the past 10 months." With almost a year hiatus from Lovelyz, Woollim made a smart decision by releasing their music before the changes on the 27th. Of course Woollim Entertainment had to release a statement so it didn't seem weird that Lovelyz would be making a comeback a day sooner out of the blue. The comeback date change is because of the chart changes on the 27th. Woollim is trying to give Lovelyz a better chance to be at the top of the charts. What are your thoughts on this change?
Another teaser for Suzy and Park Won's collaboration track, "Don't Wait For Love" has been released. In this teaser we see a somewhat familiar scene. This teaser looks very reminiscent of Baekhyun and Suzy's "Dream." This teaser obviously shows both of the artists in a much bigger space, and a different setting, but the similarities are there. I really like this type of setup because we get to see the artists sit close and look at each other while performing. This gives a more personal and emotional feel to it, as the artists feed off of each other while performing. "Don't Wait For Love" will be released on February 28th.
Taeyeon has released her tracklist for her comeback album, 'My Voice.' This album will contain 13 tracks, including her title track, "Fine." If you look closely at the tracklist, you can see that some big names are listed under lyrics and composers. The Stereotypes, Kenzie, Jam Factory, and Mayfly have worked with Taeyeon for this comeback. It looks like the songstress herself, has reached out to some of the best in the business. This can only mean that her album will be a beautiful work of art.
Taeyeon has also released an 18 second teaser for "Cover Up." In this teaser we see that Taeyeon is having the time of her life while she's playing and posing with streamers. This second teaser is getting me even more excited for the rest of her album. I'm sure that we'll be getting more track teasers up until her comeback date. Taeyeon will be making her comeback on February 28th. Are you excited for Taeyeon's comeback?
TWICE's "Knock Knock" has managed to get a perfect All-kill as they have not only topped the eight major music charts, but they have also topped the iChart's "Weekly" and "Realtime" charts. TWICE has managed to get a perfect All-kill for three out of their four title tracks. For perfect All-kills to happen, not only do artists need the support of their fandom, but they also need the support of the public, which they clearly have. TWICE is only going to continue to get bigger. If you haven't jumped on the TWICECOASTER yet, don't worry, there's still room, but hurry up because it's starting to get crowded. Congratulations TWICE!
The Show
"The Show" returned this week with performances by some of your favorite artists. Nominated for first place this week was NCT Dream, NCT 127, and April. NCT Dream took home the first place trophy for the second time. NCT Dream is being shown lots of love and support, even more so than the older members of NCT. NCT 127 congratulated NCT Dream on their way off stage, which must have been a good feeling to have the older unit cheer them on. Congratulations NCT Dream!
NCT Dream
"My First and Last"
NCT 127
"April Story"
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