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In 2015, James of Royal Pirates, suffered a terrible accident in which his wrist was severely damaged. James went to a restaurant to meet with his friend, when all of a sudden, the door to the main entrance came down on him, causing severe wrist damage. So much damage was caused to his wrist that it was almost severed. James had to give up playing bass because of this. James has been continuing to go through physical therapy, but it hasn't gotten much better, which is why James has decided to leave Royal Pirates. James wrote a letter to his fans that reads,
"I've tried to power through and be as positive as possible, but I am at the point where I need to do what is right for me... Ever since I was a kid the idea of finishing whatever I started has been branded into my brain. I've spent the last 2 years trying to pick up the pieces and salvage whatever I could. But I recently found out that on top of a possible 6th surgery to restore whatever function I can in my hand, I also have a blood clot in my brain. So I've accepted that leaving now is not guilting, but redirecting my life. And I hope you can agree that this is what's best. I am so sorry for letting you down, but I hope you know I gave you guys everything I had, I never resented the blood, sweat & tears.. Only the missed opportunities and memories I envisioned when I first moved to Seoul. Thank you for your support & love & loyalty & the memories & everything. I wish RP & you all all the success in the world. I will never forget you guys."
I'm happy that James had decided to put his health and family first. This must have been a painful choice, but one that he had to make. I don't think this is the end for James' music career, as I'm sure he will return as a producer or something like that. I wish James nothing but the best, and I hope he gets healthy soon.
Hoya, Lee Dong Hwi, and Kim Dong Wook have been cast for MBC's upcoming drama, "Glowing Office." Hoya will be playing the role of a newly hired employee who has all the qualifications to be great, but is underachieving. Lee Dong Hwi will be playing the role of a worker who is very much in love, and isn't exactly the best in the field of work. Kim Dong Wook will be playing the role of a doctor. This drama will air in March.
Over the past years, we've seen some Korean acts perform at SXSW(South By Southwest). This year, MFBTY and Junoflo will be performing on "Korea Night", which I think is actually "K-Pop Night Out"(KPNO). SXSW will be taking place in March in Austin, Texas. Will you guys be attending SXSW this year?
Idol Star Athletics Championship Winners
60 Meter Sprint
Snuper's Woosung - Male
H.U.B's Rui - Female
B1A4 - Male
GFRIEND - Female
Rhythmic Gymnastics
TWICE's Mina
Rhythmic Aerobics
400 Meter Relay
Seventeen - Male
Oh My Girl - Female
I'm hoping that these are all of the winners. If I'm forgetting some of them, please let me know in the comments. How did your favorite idols do?
DAY6 has released teasers for their February release titled, "You were beautiful." The teasers are giving off a winter type of feel. I think we might be getting a much slower paced song, than "I Wait." DAY6 will be releasing "You were beautiful" on February 6th.
Zion.T has released the MV for his comeback track, "The Song." Many fans feared that Zion.T would have to change his style after signing with YG Entertainment. Let this MV be proof that he didn't change. Zion.T looks like he's in a factory where an aesthetic bomb exploded. Zion.T looks like a mad scientist. The song stays true to Zion.T. That's what I love. This track is nicely paced, and we get to hear Zion.T's great vocals. I really love his pink hair. It looks like cotton candy. What did you guys think of this track and MV?
Block B has released solo teasers of each member for their upcoming track, "Yesterday." This concept reminds me of their "Her" era. "Yesterday" will be released on February 6th. "Inkigayo" didn't air this past weekend because of the Lunar New Year, so we couldn't see any performances, but the winner has been revealed. I.O.I took home the first place trophy with "Downpour." I'm very happy for I.O.I. This was a great going away present for the girls. I can't wait to see them perform in their own agencies. Congratulations I.O.I!
It looks like K-Pop fans are really taking a liking to the CLC's latest comeback album, 'Crystyle.' It's received so much attention that the album has landed at the #6 position on Billboard’s "World Albums" chart. Who would've thought that a concept change was all it would take to turn things around for CLC. Hopefully this is the start of something great for these girls. Congratulations CLC!
2NE1's "Goodbye" has topped Billboard’s "World Digital Song Sales" chart. Blackjacks are showing their endless love for their favorite girls. I'm sure this will make them happy to see that they have topped this chart. Congratulations 2NE1!
It's only been about half a year since Black Pink debuted, and they're already making big waves in the K-Pop world. They have already won a handful of awards, including "Best Music Video" and "Best New Artist." What's the next achievement for Black Pink? Their MV for "Boombayah" has recently amassed over 100 million views on YouTube. This makes "Boombayah" the fastest K-Pop Group Debut MV to reach 100 million views. It only took them 175 days to do it. I hope that YG doesn't throw them in the dungeon, and forgets about them. These girls are on fire right now. YG better start planning their comeback as of now. I don't wavy to be seeing Black Pink making a comeback in 2019. Congratulations Black Pink!
Red Velvet's "Rookie"
Red Velvet has made their much anticipated return, with the release of their comeback track, "Rookie." I'm sure you guys have seen and read "Alice in Wonderland" right? What about "The Chronicles of Narnia"? I feel like this MV had multiple themes. After the girls inhale the purple smoke, they are off to one of the craziest trips they've ever had. So much is going on on this video. You will have to watch it many times to see all the things going on. All of Red Velvet looks beautiful as heck, but my wife Irene is just something else. My love for this woman is skyrocketing by the minute. As for the song, I'm still iffy on it. The song sounds like it could've been released during their "Happiness" era. I love all the singing from the girls. I'm happy that they all get a chance to shine. You guys aren't going crazy. Red Velvet is actually saying "Lookie Lookie" instead of "Rookie Rookie." This is because they can't say their R's. This is normal. If you listen closely to many K-Pop songs, you'll be able to hear them say R's as L's. What I don't get is why they didn't just let them say their R's like actual R's. They did it for "Russian Roulette", so why not this song? I mean no disrespect here, but are they trying to appeal to the Korean audience by saying it this way? I've seen some fans bringing this up, so I wanted to ask you guys about it. You'll definitely know more about it than me. I loved the MV. It was all over the place, but the girls looked like they were really having fun. The song will have to grow on me, and I'm sure I'll end up loving it. What did you guys think of this track and MV?
Rookie Album
There will be five versions of Red Velvet's 'Rookie' album. 1 for each member. I'm getting my wife Irene's version. The albums look like they are hard cover books. I like the way the album looks already.
There will be 10 photocards in total, which means two photocards for each member. Which version of this album will you be getting?