Woollim Entertainment has released another teaser for an upcoming collaboration between Joochan and Soyoon titled "W Project." Joochan is part of the Woollim Boys, and Soyoon is a part of Woollim Girls. This collaboration track will be released on January 20th. 
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Rain is just coming off of his recent comeback, and what better way to celebrate than to announce that he will be marrying Kim Tae Hee. After being together for over four years, the couple has decided to make it official. Rain uploaded a handwritten letter to his fans on Instagram.
The letter reads, "Hello, I hope everyone’s healthy this cold winter. This is Jung Ji Hoon. Already 16 years have passed since I debuted. The fans that were with me all that time have become beautiful women and mothers. Now I, as the oldest son in my household, also seek to become a great husband. [Kim Tae Hee] has always been there for me, unmoving, in sad times and in happy times, and she never fails to amaze me. Our trust and love for each other is as strong as ever, and we’ve decided to take the leap. As the current times are unstable, we will be as quiet and humble as possible with our wedding ceremony. As such, we apologize for not revealing details to the public. Thank you again to everyone for sending me so much love over 16 years. I will continue to move forward with my career, both as a singer and actor, with responsibility and modesty. She is the best present to me.” I think that we can definitely say without a doubt that Rain's "The Best Present" is about Kim Tae Hee. I wonder what he reaction to this song was. I'm sure tears were flowing for sure. Congratulations Rain and Kim Tae Hee! What do you guys think of Rain getting married? 
Park Kyung has released the MV for his solo track, "When I'm with You" featuring Brother Su. "When I'm with You" is one of the five songs that's included on his solo debut album, 'Notebook.' Throughout this MV, we see Park Kyung trying to get the attention of his love interest. Park Kyung has also constructed a lab in which he watches videos of his crush. I really liked this song. I was too caught up with the MV, that I didn't notice we were inside Park Kyung's head! Thank you to a KA user for pointing that out to me! The combination of Park Kyung and Brother Su is magic. They should collaborate more often. What did you guys think of this track? 
A rep for HIGHGRND has revealed that Hyukoh will be making their comeback this spring. There are no more details on their comeback, but if you've listened to Hyukoh, then you'll know what to expect, more great music. I highly recommend that you guys listen to Hyukoh. They may not be K-Pop idols, but they are very talented, and they release great music.  
BTS has released a teaser for their Army bomb version 2. The teaser shows that this light stick will have a much smoother finish. The fuse doesn't seem to be sticking out as much. I'm sure we'll get to see the full description for this light stick in the upcoming weeks. This light stick will probably be released and available during their upcoming "Wings" tour. Are your wallets ready? 
A rep for "Inkigayo" has revealed that Jeongyeon, Kim Min Suk, and Seung Yeon will be leaving their MC positions this Sunday. SBS has added that they haven't found their replacements, but they are "getting close." I hope that my wife Jennie and Jisoo become two of the new MC's for the show. I would definitely love to see both of these girls as MC's every Sunday. Who do you think should be the new MC's? 
A release that wasn't talked about much yesterday was Dasom and 40's cover of Acoustic Collabo's "You & I." I can honestly say that I have not heard 40 sing before. This makes him an even more talented producer. As for Dasom, boy can she sing. I feel that because SISTAR has the sexy concepts, she can't showcase her vocal abilities, so we end up missing out on hearing her sing like this. Dasom definitely has a voice for ballad tracks. Hopefully she'll be able to sing more in the future. What did you guys think of this collaboration cover?
"Sister's Slam Dunk" will be returning for a second season, and with that, the cast members list has been released. The returning cast members will be Kim Sook and Hong Jin Kyung. The new cast members will be Jeon Somi, Minzy, Kang Ye Won, Hong Jin Young, and Hang Chae Young. Season 2 will show the girls trying to achieve their individual dreams, along with the journey for their girl group project. Season 2 will air in February. Are you guys excited to see Minzy and Somi on this show? 
Jooheon has released a MV for his mixtape track "Rhythm." Idk what he's saying, but is he taking shots at haters? I will definitely be giving his mixtape a listen. What did you guys think of this track?
Suzy has released her pre-release track, "Pretend." Not only that, but she has achieved an All-kill on the charts. I think that many fans and listeners can relate to this track, as it tells of putting on a smiling face and pretending that things are alright, even though they aren't. I really like this song. The pacing and vocals go well together. I can't wait to hear the rest of Suzy's album on January 24th. What did you guys think of this track? 
Jellyfish Entertainment has revealed that Kim Sejeong will be appearing on "Laws of the Jungle." Jellyfish Entertainment added that she will be taking part "in the Indonesia episodes." Sungjae and Kwang Si Yang will also be joining Kim Sejeong on "Laws of the Jungle." Peniel is also rumored to be joining his fellow group members. If you guys want to watch Kim Sejeong, Si Yang, and some of the members of BTOB on "Laws of the Jungle", make sure to watch after the Kota Manado episodes. 
NCT 127's album, 'Limitless', has topped the Hanteo and Synnara charts for this week. The album has also topped the iTunes Album charts in many countries. Congratulations NCT 127! 
Mystic Entertainment has released a MV teaser for Solar, Hani, and Luna's upcoming collaboration track titled, "Honey Bee." These girls are looking really beautiful. I'm really hoping that this track is awesome. We'll have to wait until January 19th to find out. Are you guys excited for this collaboration? 
Seohyun made her solo debut with the release of "Don't Say No." Throughout the MV Seohyun is preparing a final dinner for her love interest. She's trying to get him to go to her house so they can have dinner. Why you ask? So she can kill him pretty much. Seohyun talks about wanting to get back with this guy, but the MV shows us that it's a situation of if I can't have you, no one else can either. I know Seohyun doesn't want me to say no, but my wife Tiffany is what's stopping me😂 Seohyun is so beautiful. I have been waiting for Seohyun to have her own solo release so she can put her vocals on display for the whole world to hear. Seohyun has great vocals. Now the world can hear this for themselves if they haven't listened to her sing before. What did you guys think of this track? 
CLC has made their comeback with the release of "Hobgoblin." If you have been following CLC prior to this comeback, then you know that this is a huge transformation. I called this a dark concept before, but I don't think it's that at all. It's definitely am edgy concept. If you didn't think this song was written by Hyuna, then you probably changed your mind after listening to "Hobgoblin." Now before I get hate comments of comparing and so on, let me say I'm a fan of CLC. This song didn't make me a fan of them. I became a fan after watching their debut track, "Pepe." My biases are Seungyeon, Yeeun, and Sorn. I didn't know it was possible for them to be even more beautiful. I drooled a lot while watching this MV. There are so many people asking, "why is she copying Hyuna." "Who's the knock off Hyuna?" I don't agree with those comments, but the answer to that question is Jang Yeeun. I will definitely agree that there is a Hyuna vibe to her and her rap in this song and MV. If you listen to her rapping on previous releases, she doesn't sound like this. Maybe the song called for her to rap in this style, but the Hyuna influence is definitely there. Also if you watch the MV closely, you can see Yeeun's facial expressions and eyebrow raising are definitely Hyuna-like. I think they also did Yeeun's makeup to look like Hyuna too. Don't believe me? Watch the MV at the 1:21 mark. I can't help but think this was definitely intentional on Cube Entertainment's side. Unfortunately, I feel that Yeeun will receive lots of hate because of this.
Something that has always bothered me is the constant talks of "this group copied this group's concept. They did it before them." Unless your a top group, it seems that you'll be judged for copying any concept that you decide to do. I've seen that fans are saying CLC is copying 4minute and 2NE1 with this concept. Those people need to chill. If anything, many groups are using recycled concepts, and adding their styles to them. How many times have we seen the schoolboy/girl concept? I would say too many times, but we're going to continue to see these concepts used over and over. 2NE1 didn't create the badass concept, neither did 4minute. They definitely made it more believable yes, but they got that concept from somewhere else. Why can't we just enjoy K-Pop groups stepping out of their comfort zones and trying new concepts without being scrutinized for "copying?" I really loved that CLC chose to do a concept like this. I like the song very much. Lucille even made an appearance, all though it looks like she had a huge makeover. That was a reference to "The Walking Dead" in case you guys didn't know what I was talking about. Even though we will definitely notice similarities of past concepts and the groups that have used them before, let's try and watch the MV's with an open mind. CLC didn't have many fans before, but I'm sure that they have gained many more fans after this release, and that makes me happy because these girls are really talented. CLC's MV has over 1 million views in about a day. That hasn't happened to them before. "Hobgoblin" is also charting high, and doing well on the charts. I hope that this album brings them more success this year. What did you guys think of their MV? The usage of concepts? 
K-Pop fandoms are amazing. They are a force that you don't want to mess with. Even as a huge fan myself, I'm terrified of some of these fandoms out there. Fandoms can do plenty of great things when they're but busy with fan wars. Take this story for example. A ONCE had the clever idea to photoshop one of TWICE's "Cheer Up" promotional pictures by adding a "Pocari Sweat" logo, and add tons of blue as that's the brand's signature color. This picture was shared numerous times, and it found its way onto "Pocari Sweat's official Facebook page. The user wrote, "Don't they go well together? We'll be grateful if you guys can consider this when you're picking your models in the future hehehehe."
Flash forward to the present, and TWICE are now the 2017 models for "Pocari Sweat." Fans are stating that this happened around April. Although there's no way to prove that this made the brand choose TWICE as their newest models, I can't help but think that it definitely helped. Are there any other stories out there like this one about fandoms doing great things like this? 
I.O.I has released their last track "Downpour." The MV takes us through a journey from their trainee days to them winning awards and performing. The girls have decided to hit us in the feels with this release. I think that all of the girls took their turn singing on this track so nobody was left out. I.O.I is getting closer to disbanding. I think that I.O.I only has about two weeks left before they go their separate ways. Crazy how time flies by huh? I know that they are under contract to last for only a year, but breaking them up is a big mistake. These girls are money. All agencies would heavily benefit from keeping them together. I don't think that anybody expected them to reach the levels of success they have reached. They have captured our hearts with their charms and personalities. Fans have helped get this track to the top of the charts! I.O.I will be performing their last concert, "Time Slip", on January 20th-22nd. I'm hoping that the girls will end up telling us that they have been offered a new contract, and will be sticking together for much much longer. Are any of you guys going to their last concert? What do you guys think about I.O.I? 
Thank you guys for reading this post. What news story stood out to you the most? Sorry for going on a bit of a ramble with CLC. I know that I'm primarily known for my news posts, but I can actually go on and on about many topics. I just choose to save you guys the time, and I keep it short. Would you guys like me to talk about things further in my posts? Are there topics you guys would like me to talk about? Let me know in the comments. 
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