Whatta song. Whatta song. Whatta really good song. “Whatta Man”, which borrows its chorus from En Vogue and Salt-n-Pepa’s song of the same name from 1993, is I.O.I’s newest hit song. For quite some time, it has looked like I.O.I couldn’t release a bad song, and with “Whatta Man” they solidify their track record once again. “Whatta Man” contains an upbeat sound and a mind-blowingly catchy chorus that you can honestly not get out of your head, even if you tried. The choreography is powerful, especially during the chorus part, where I.O.I’s members flex their arms and sing about that one great man. 


Now it remains to be seen where I.O.I. will take their sound with only a few months left on their original contract. What all K-pop fans hope is that they continue to release catchy songs just like "Whatta Man". Dang, whatta girl group.