VAV has lost another member, as Gyeoul has decided to leave the group "to pursue solo activities." This seems rather odd as Ryan Jhun is going to be in charge of, and producing VAV's music. VAV is set to make a comeback next month. I wonder what caused this decision?
CR Allkpop/Soompi
Gallant, Eric Nam, and Tablo have released the MV for their collaboration track, "Cave Me In." I really like this song. This is a great track. Gallant's voice is no joke. Can't these three make more music? I don't think one track is enough. What did you guys think of this collaboration?
SM Entertainment has revealed that NCT Dream will be making a comeback in February. After reading this, I found some things rather odd. This will be Mark's 4th comeback in about a year right? Shouldn't he get some rest? He's already promoted more than any group has all this year it feels like. Also I don't get why NCT Dream will be promoting while Red Velvet promotes their comeback. Don't you want more focus on the group? They are male and female groups, so I think they don't see it as a big deal. Are you guys excited for NCT Dream's comeback?
It looks like SM STATION's last track will be a collaboration between Suho and Song Young Joo. SM Entertainment released teasers for this song with the hashtags, "#52nd" and "#Lastsong." The track will be titled "Curtain", and it will be released next February 3rd.
Recently, Ilgan Sports surveyed 100 idols to find out who they thought were the "best" in a given category. Some of the groups that were surveyed were Red Velvet, GFRIEND, EXO, I.O.I, and BTS. Here are the results:
Best Male Visual
#1. NCT 127's Taeyong
#2. ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo
#3. VIXX's Hong Bin, Big Bang's T.O.P, MONSTA X's Hyungwon
#4. Seventeen's Vernon
#5. EXO's Suho, BTS' Jin
Best Female Visual
#1. Suzy
#2. YoonA
#3. Red Velvet's Irene
#4.Taeyeon & Tzuyu
#5. Seolhyun & TWICE's Mina
Best Dancer
#1. EXO's Kai
#2. SHINee's Taemin
#3. NCT 127's Ten
#4. GOT7's Yugyeom
#5. MONSTA X's Shownu
Best Female Body
#1. AOA's Seolhyun
#2. SISTAR's Soyu, Red Velvet's Seulgi
#3. Girl's Day's Yura, HyunA, Cosmic Girls' Cheng Xiao
#4. G-Friend's Sowon, Wonder Girls' Yubin, MAMAMOO's Hwa Sa, SISTAR's Bora, Black Pink's Lisa
Best Male Body
#1. SHINee's Minho
#2. MONSTA X's Wonho
#3. MONSTA X's Shownu
#4. NCT 127's Johnny
#5. EXO's Sehun, Kai, Xiumin
Best Vocalist
#1. Girls' Generation's Taeyeon
#2. Seventeen's DK, EXO's Chen
#3. MONSTA X's Kihyun
#4. Seventeen's Seungkwan, NCT 127's Taeil
#5. Big Bang's Taeyang, VIXX's Ken, G-Friend's Yuju
Funniest Idols
#1. BTOB
#2. Seventeen's Seungkwan
#3. GOT7's Jackson
#4. Super Junior's Heechul
#5. ZE:A's Kwanghee
Idols you wish to become close with
#1. Big Bang
#2. EXO, NCT 127
#3. GOT7
#4. G-Friend, SISTAR, Red Velvet
Idols you want to spend Lunar New Year with
#1. Seventeen,
#3 NCT 127, EXO
#4 BTS, Red Velvet
#5 G-Friend
Favorite Karaoke Song(s)
#1. EXO- "Growl"
#2. Park Hyo Shin- "Wild Flower"
#3. G-Friend- "Me Gustas Tu", Jung Joon Il- "Hug Me"
Let's start this flurry of Red Velvet news with none other than, my beautiful wife Irene! Irene is the newest CF model for the shoe brand "Nuovo." Irene will be modeling lots of merchandise, including women sneakers, "Bubbly" and "Oriana." "Nuovo" stated that they chose Irene as their newest model because, "she would be able to portray 'Nuovo's lovely image well with her chic, but also warm aura. We expect that she will have a positive influence on our brand as the leader of Red Velvet, one of SM Entertainment's visual idol groups." I couldn't agree more! Red Velvet has also released teasers of Irene for their "Rookie." She's ridiculously beautiful. Is it bad that I stop breathing when I see her? I should fix that, but Irene's not helping
Now, onto the news that is rocking the K-Pop world. After many rumors of a will they, won't they renew their contracts, Wonder Girls are officially calling it quits. JYP Entertainment has released a statement saying:
“Hello, this is JYP Entertainment. We are announcing that Wonder Girls, after 10 years, is disbanding. The decision happened after much discussion among the members and with our agency. Yubin and Hyerim of Wonder Girls have re-signed with JYP Entertainment, and they will be continuing with music, acting, MCing, and other activities. Yeeun and Sunmi, after much deliberation, have decided to leave JYP Entertainment. As a thank you to all the fans that stayed faithful to Wonder Girls over the past 10 years, the group will be releasing a final digital single on February 10, their 10th anniversary. Thank you to all the fans all around the world for being with us, JYP and Wonder Girls, for 10 years.”
The members of Wonder Girls have left messages for their fans in the video above that read:
“It’s already been 10 years since we’ve been together. All the moments that we laughed, cried, and were happy and sad together went by like a kaleidoscope. Thank you for giving us memories that we’ll take with us forever.”
“A lot of things happened during these 10 years. To all the fans that supported us, trusted us, and waited for us… my heart aches, giving you sad news. I’m sorry, and thank you.”
“To Wonderful, with your never ending support and trust, Wonder Girls was so loved for 10 years. Always, with thanks, I will treasure all of our moments together.”
“Whenever you start to miss us, I hope that our songs, filled with memories, will be of comfort to you. Though it may be hard now, we’ll do our best to become a source of strength to you.”
All Of Wonder Girls:
“Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. We were so happy. Those days were like a dream. Remember us… We are Wonder Girls.”
My Thoughts
When I first heard about the possibility of Wonder Girls disbanding, I didn't think it was gonna happen. Their poster was removed from the JYP Entertainment building, which is when I thought to myself, it's over. They're over. After two very successful comebacks in a row, I thought they would renew their contracts. Unfortunately that didn't happen. Before their comeback in 2015, Wonder Girls was a mystery to me. I was quickly drawn to Yubin. After seeing her not only with Wonder Girls, but also on "Unpretty Rapstar 2", I really fell in love with her. Oddly enough, I knew about one of the members of Wonder Girls, but I didn't know she was in Wonder Girls. I'm talking about Sunmi. I listened to her track "Full Moon" before I ever listened to any Wonder Girls track. If you guys haven't listened to that track, I highly recommend you do. What I like is that the group decided to go their separate ways on good terms. Of course both sides couldn't agree on contract renewals, but it didn't get ugly. With the news of this disbandment, and the video that was released, JYP and Wonder Girls have known about this for quite some time. Probably since last year, they just didn't tell anybody until now. I'm surprised Sunmi didn't stick around, as she's already had a solo with JYPE. With Yubin and Hyerim renewing their contracts, I hope that we'll get solo releases soon. Also, something I was told was that Wonder Girls were the top girl group in Korea some years back. Even bigger than Girls' Generation, but JYP sent them to the US, which is what killed all of their momentum and much of their popularity? I don't know if that's true or not, but I figured that many of you guys would know this, especially those who have been into K-Pop for many years. Let's thank the Wonder Girls for all of the great memories and music they've created for us. I wish Yeeun and Sunmi nothing but the best in whatever career paths they choose. Thank you Wonder Girls. Wonder Girls will be releasing their final track on February 10th. With Wonder Girls breaking up, I can't help but think that miss A is next. What are your thoughts on the disbandment of Wonder Girls?
M! Countdown
Seohyun Don't Say No "First Win" @ Mcountdown
Mnet's "M! Countdown" returned this week with performances by some of your favorite artists. Nominated for first place this week was Seohyun and Akdong Musician. Seohyun took home the first place trophy. By her reaction, Seohyun wasn't expecting to win. As a huge fan of Girls' Generation, I was very happy to see Seohyun win. She was able to get a much deserved solo. Congratulations Seobaby!