About Us

After Kimchi, Bibimbap is probably the world’s second favorite Korean food. Even those who are not all too familiar with

Korean cuisine will recognize this rice dish topped with various vegetables, meat, eggs, and chili paste. The key to a delicious

Bibimbap bowl is mixing fresh, diverse ingredients with the foundation, the rice. That’s what we at Bibimbox aim to do.

We aim to bring people from all over the world together, united in our common love of K-pop music. Our products,

boxes containing assorted K-pop merchandise, represent the ingredients that make for a great Bibimbap bowl. Bibimbap

also describes who we are. We are a diverse group of entrepreneurs and dreamers from several different countries,

including the U.S.A., Korea, and the Philippines. We embody diversity, and our products are a reflection of our belief

in a world united in its love of music.