FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a K-pop Box by Bibimbox Korea? 

Kpop box is a monthly K-pop subscription box where you can receive 4-6 different merchandise every month.

If you order our K-pop Box, we send you a cute box full of K-pop merchandise. Currently, we have one K-pop Box

called the Gold Box but we plan to add EXO & BTS boxes and a Diamond Box. Keep a look out ;)

2. How do I purchase Bibimbox Korea's K-pop box?

It's easy! Just click on the link to subscribe and choose the options in the product page. You'll receive your box next month!

3. When will Sales end & When will the boxes be shipped?

We ship our Kpop box around June 5-10 and it will arrive around 15-20 of that month. If the box is a "July Box"

it means it will arrive in July around 15-20th of the month. 

4. Could we choose what goes inside the box?

We will give you some options but ultimately it is a surprise and discovery box. It is a time to appreciate all kinds of

K-pop groups and give them a try. You never know, you might discover something about them you never knew ;)

5. What kind of subscription plans do you have?

We offer the monthly subscription offer but you can cancel anytime :)

6. When does other individual merchandises in your store arrive? 

We ship merchandises and goods separately from our K-pop Box. They will arrive around 9-30 days after your purchase. 

7. Where can we contact you?

You can Email us at [email protected] or you can DM us at Instagram: @bibimboxkorea

8. Is there refunds for the K-pop Box?

We will only refund K-pop Box purchase if you ask for it before we purchase the merchandises

or if the merchandise inside is broken when you receive it. (We are not responsible for how the shipping 

company treats our box) Show us proof that it was broken through mailing us [email protected]

Please take not that we end responsibility once we ship the boxes and the responsibility goes to the shipping companies. Please contact your shipping company when the boxes don't arrive. Thanks for understanding.