FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is K-pop subscription Box?

A. Kpop box is a monthly K-pop subscription box where you can receive 4-6 different merchandise every month. We offer 2 boxes: 1. Gold Box 2. BTS Box. Gold Box will feature different groups and items monthly while BTS will feature the same group with different items monthly. 

Q. How do I subscribe?

A. It's easy! Just click on the link to subscribe and choose the options on the product page. You'll receive your box next month!

Q. What Size should I get?

A. Get 1 or 2 sizes up for K-pop Boxes and normal sizes for individual items. Please check the sizing chart for more info!

Q. How can I contact you?

A. You can Email us at support@bibimboxkorea.com or you can DM us at Instagram: @bibimboxkorea



Q. When do you ship?

A. Boxes are shipped on the 15th of every month and individual K-pop merchandises are shipped after one week of purchase. 

Q. When does it arrive? 

A. 2 weeks if you're in the US and 3 weeks if you're outside the US. 

Q. Do you offer free shipping?

A. YES, Free Shipping for K-pop Boxes going to the US, Canada, France & UK. Free Shipping on individual items if orders exceed $75 or more. 

Q. What payment options do you offer? 

A. We accept all major credit cards through PayPal. 



Q. Refund?

A. No refunds for all items unless items are damaged. For K-pop Subscription boxes, refunds are only allowed before the 25th of every month. 

Q. Returns?

Unfortunately, we don't accept returns unless items were damaged once you received it. Exchanges are not permitted, please make sure to choose the right sizing!